🎁 Bigscreen Holiday UPDATE: NEW Drive-In Theater





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🎁 Bigscreen Holiday UPDATE: NEW Drive-In Theater
By Bigscreen Team • Issue #33 • View online

Drive-in Theater
The long-awaited and highly requested DRIVE-IN THEATER is now available in Bigscreen! Now you can enjoy this nostalgic new environment from the comfort of your home!
New Menu Update
Our menu also got a huge makeover! The new menu gives you an overview of everything you can do in Bigscreen:
  • Windows Desktop - use your PC in VR to play games, browse the web, and watch movies
  • Videoplayer - watch your own movie files
  • Movies - rent 3D movies and attend live movie events
  • TV Channels - watch free 24/7 livestreams from YouTube, Pluto, and Twitch
  • Public Rooms - hang out with people from around the world in virtual environments like campfires and space stations
  • Private Rooms - hang out with your friends in a private space
The new scrollable interface and content categories make it easier to discover interesting rooms to join and videos to watch.
Over 60 New TV Channels
We added over 60 new TV channels including major crime-drama series such as Narcos and hilarious game shows like Wipeout!
We’re also launching a new TV category called To Infinity and Beyond dedicated to livestreams of rocket launches. If you miss a SpaceX rocket launch, you might catch a rerun in these channels! 
Increased Lobby Size
We used to support 8 users per lobby, and our new beefy servers allow 12 users per lobby! Next year, we plan to increase the room size limits for all user-created rooms as well! Imagine creating a 25 or 50-person room for a meetup or conference!
No Go
As a reminder, Oculus no longer supports the Oculus Go. Oculus does not allow Bigscreen to release any updates for the Oculus Go, so unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide any future support to this headset. Oculus Go users may still be able to use certain features on the old server, but we will shut down those servers in the coming weeks.
2021 Roadmap
Next year, we’re working really hard to push out a friends system, new avatars, new environments, major improvements to our video streaming, a new ultra-low latency Remote Desktop feature, and more! Porting our app to PlayStation and Mac is also on the roadmap, but it takes a lot of work and we’ll need more time.
Thank you all for using Bigscreen and supporting us with your movie ticket purchases! Unfortunately due to COVID, our negotiations with movie studios have also been delayed. We’re working hard on obtaining more 3D movies and licensing movies in more countries like the UK and Europe. Your ongoing support is highly appreciated!
Share your feedback with us on these new changes, features you’re looking for, and issues/bugs you experience! Email us directly at support@bigscreenvr.com.
P.S. here’s a sneak peek of one of the costumes we’re adding to our new avatars!!
Download Bigscreen for Free
Bigscreen supports all major VR headsets, including Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and more! You can download Bigscreen Beta for free from the Oculus Store (PCQuest) or Steam.
Stay in touch with Bigscreen by following us on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Reddit. If you have issues, bugs, feedback, or want to chat with the devs, join our 16,000-person Bigscreen Community Discord!
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