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Take your Valentine on a virtual date to watch Titanic in 3D in Bigscreen! ♥

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Take your Valentine on a virtual date to watch Titanic in 3D in Bigscreen! ♥
By Bigscreen Team • Issue #23 • View online
Hey everyone,
We announced Bigscreen Cinema about two months ago and it has been incredible to see thousands of people come in to watch 3D movies with us.
Catch up on what’s happening today in Bigscreen and what you might have missed below!

💖 Near. Far. Wherever you are! 💖
In a long-distance relationship or traveling far from your loved ones? Spend this Valentine’s Day with them in a virtual theater in Bigscreen! You can also meet all sorts of people in Bigscreen and enjoy movies together.
The iconic movie, Titanic, in 3D is premiering this Friday at 6PM EST and running through Valentine’s Week! Tickets start at $4.99 and showings begin every 30 minutes. It’s available for our US and Canadian audiences at this time, but we’re working hard on bringing more movies to people around the world.
🎟 Win a Free Ticket 🎟
Virtual popcorn and drinks are on us, but you could try and score a free movie ticket for your date by following the instructions on our Twitter or Facebook pages! Good luck!
👁 Recap: Horror Week Launch Party 👁
Horror Week Recap
Horror Week Recap
Last week was our extremely fun and absolutely terrifying Horror Week! We hosted a free launch party where we hung out with Youtube influencer, BMF, previewed trailers of our thrilling lineup of movies (such as World War Z in 3D and The Ring), went behind-the-scenes, and opened up the floor for the community to ask us their dying questions about Bigscreen. Click here to watch the full livestream!
We also added a ton of spooky elements to our Lobby, and we have to say - they’re quite a sight to see!
⚡ The Lighting Update ⚡
We have been improving our realtime lighting model a lot over the past two years. On Christmas Eve, we released a teaser of this and after further tweaks, we released it widely in several environments.
The Lighting Update primarily adds “shadows” to our lighting model, allowing the light from the screen to shine more realistically in the environment. It softens the light, and reduces the blown out highlights. Check them out in these environments:
  • Cinemas: Modern, Retro, Sci-Fi, and Grand Cinema
  • Theaters: Lux and Home Theater
  • The Woods
  • Home
📝 Send Us Your Opinion! 📝
Based on the community feedback we received, we discovered that people wanted to watch a preview of the movie to make sure their experience is up to the quality they’re hoping for. So, we added free trailers to preview each movie directly in VR!
We’ve learned a lot from this journey, and are still hungry for more feedback! Give us your honest feedback:
  • Have you watched a movie in Bigscreen Cinema yet?
  • What do you like or dislike about Bigscreen Cinema?
  • What can we add or improve to make our official movies better for you?
⏭ What's next? ⏭
We’re currently working on several major features:
  • Friends System: Easier to make new friends, invite/join rooms, and see who’s online.
  • Bigscreen Cinema features and bugfixes like renting, buying, and watching 3D movies in your own private room. Watch anytime, with your friends (for free), just like a real-world living room.
  • Officially licensing more movies (newer movies), sports, anime, etc. in Bigscreen.
  • Major networking overhaul to improve audio, video, streaming, and performance in all rooms.
  • Drive-in Movie Theater. It is super difficult to create a high quality drive-in. Lots of performance challenges with cars and interiors, lots of ergonomic comfort issues with watching movies from inside a car, etc. It will likely take a whole year to create.
Download Bigscreen for Free
Bigscreen supports all major PC VR headsets and mobile/standalone VR headsets. You can download Bigscreen Beta for free from the Oculus Store (PCMobileQuest) or Steam.
Stay in touch with Bigscreen by following us on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Reddit. If you have issues, bugs, feedback, or want to chat with the devs, join our 10,000-person Bigscreen Community Discord!
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